[Link] Voices of the Ancestors written and published by Gail Nyoka

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[Link] Turning 90 written and published by Janice Tait

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[Link] ebook 'The Honeyed Tale: An Interrogative Poetic on Bees' available on ibooks buy button

[Link] 'The Honeyed Tale is also available this site.

Ebook Design

Following from the research of my MA thesis, I work for small and self-publishing enterprises to develop their manuscripts in both print and ebook design. See the links on main content column for screenshots and other info of recent work.

Apiary World

This is a film that is incorporated in a research creation project (a digital book in EPUB3 format) entitled 'The Honeyed Tale: An Interrogative Poetic on Bees' available on ibooks. This forms part of my York University Interdisciplinary MA thesis, the themes of which are the ebook, self-publishing and alternative content creation. --Ruth Tait, 2016

Fallback Position

Every medium carries with it is own aura. In the case of a chalkboard and chalk marks this aura must inevitably be that of the classroom -- and the medium's function in imparting learning. Using a chalkboard to animate is bringing the art of animation to its simplest and most basic state. But given the metaphor of a lesson in the process, the piece I hope invokes more than just its form. This film arose out of my experience of working as a personal support worker for a disabled man -- from whom I have learned a great deal -- and also out of my love for animation, which is always a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy it.