Sister Sailor: The Remarkable Journey of Bessie Hall by Ruth Tait

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image of Bessie Hall Graphic Novel page full image description link below
Bessie Hall graphic novel Summary of Page 1: There are 8 panels. The reader is introduced to the protagonist, Bessie. A floating caption sits over the first 3 panels. It states: December, 1869. A cabin on the barque Rothesay, docked at Princes Dock, Liverpool. England. Panel 1: A full shot of a young girl, her back to us, who is seen attending to her attire, attaching a corset to her waist. She looks into a small mirror, sitting atop a wooden dresser. Beside her is a pair of bunks set into the cabin wall. Bessie is reciting: North, zero points. north by east, 1 point. north-north-east, 2 points. north-east-by-north, 3 points. north-east, 4 points. north-east-by-east, 5 points … Panel 2: View of Bessie from the front, as she struggles with the tiny clips of the corset in frustration, expressing: Oh, corsets take too much time! The background shows the bunk with built-in drawers and beneath it, obscured in shadow, a travelling trunk. Panel 3: longer shot of Bessie, now fully dressed is exiting from her cabin into the common space of the ship, called the foreward after cabin. All the space is rendered to resemble a wooden interior, with various colours of woods. We see a couple of cabin doors, a table and benches, secured by vertical posts. Bessie is dressed for winter in Liverpool, with wooly hat, jacket and thick skirt. Panel 4: full shot of Bessie seen from behind as she climbs gangway stairs up toward the poop deck. Dispersed across the space are several oak barrels piled together and the table and benches in foreground. Panel 5: Long shot of the length of a complex structure of the top deck of a 19th century merchant sailing vessel, with ropes, rigging, belaying pins, deck hatches, masts and deck rails. At the top of the poop deck, Captain Hall stands, seen from behind, facing forward looking over the deck. His head is turning toward Bessie, as her head appears from the hatchway of the entrance to the below-deck. She looks up at Captain Hall, saying: Hello, father. Have we got our crew? Captain Hall replies: Yes, we will be able to sail at high tide at the end of the week. Panel 6: Close on captain Hall from a 3-quarter perspective, saying: I have some last business with the harbour office. Would you like a walk? Panel 7: Medium close on Bessie who is climbing up to the poop deck, saying, Certainly. I'd like to get some writing supplies. Panel 8: a 2-shot viewed from behind Bessie, as she looks toward her father still standing on the steps, completing her sentence: … So I can work on my journal, as well as …

diagram elevation of the barque Rothesday
A diagram view of the Rothesay showing the standing fore-and-aft rigging—rigging that supports the masts along the length of the ship. The front—bow—of the ship faces left side of the page and the view is a downshot showing the ship at an angle. The parts of the rigging are labelled and the labels are listed running clockwise from far left side across the top and then along bottom of the diagram. The labels are: Bowsprit & Jib Boom; Inner Jib Stay; Outer Jib Stay; Flying Jib Stay; Forestay; Bowsprit Stays; Foremast; Inner Forestay; Fore Top Mast; Fore Topgallant Mast; Cross Trees; Main Royal Lower Stay; Tops; Main Stay; Main Royal Stay; Main Topgallant Stay; Main Stay; Tops; Main Hatch; Main Mast; Main Topgallant Mast; Cross Trees; Mizzen Topgallant Stay; Mizzen Top Stay; Mizzen Stays; Cross Trees; Mizzen mast; Mizzen Topgallant Mast; Mizzen Gaff; Gaff Preventer; topping lift; Mizzen boom; Binnacle; Taffrail; Mizzen shrouds; Main Shrouds; Deck Rail; Fore Backstays; Fore shrouds; Forecastle companionway; fo'c'sle head; whisker boom; dolphin striker;

Brooklyn Dog's Adventure at the Beach by Catherine Tait | illustrated by Ruth Tait

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Nandi sitting in a park beside Brooklyn Bridge
The very small doggy, Nandi, sits amongst yellow flowers and grass below the wide expanse of the Brooklyn Bridge which spans the East River in New York between Brooklyn and Manhattan. On the far shore is seen a cluster of tall buildings that form the lower Manhattan skyline. Above this scene is a wide sky with clouds.

A Brooklyn Dog's Adventure in France by Ruth Tait

Published April 2023 Pages of Book

Half-title of A Brooklyn Dog's Adventures in France
the illustration shows the title of the book 'A Brooklyn Dog's Adventure in France' placed over the draping French flag which has 3 bands of colour: blue, white and red. In the center of the flag is the dedication. Below the flag is a version of the back cover and front cover laid out as a panorama. This shows, at far left a rustic stone wall with greenery emerging from the stones. Beside the wall is an old, knarly tree, which partially covers the elegant stone French chateau in the background. The stately home is set back from the wall and goes across to the right edge of the page, showing turrets, towers, wide panelled windows, dark slate roofs, many doors and crenellated roofs. To the left of the stately home, the rural French countryside is seen, dotted with small farm houses, green fields and trees. In the foreground, sitting proudly on a stone parapet emerging from the building forecourt, sits the book's hero, Nandi, the little black dachshund from Brooklyn.

Outworld Book 1 by Ruth Tait

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Cover Page to the Graphic Novel Trilogy Book One titled Outworld by author and illustrator Ruth Tait.
The image is of a dominant word Outworld appearing as if flying through space, a three-dimensional blocky object of full caps, receeding into distance against a backdrop of stars in a dark sky and flying over a large rock. The text includes the information that this is a Graphic Novel Sci Fi - meaning Science Fiction - Trilogy super-imposed over a large but faint number one.

screen shot of ebook design layout by Ruth Tait
Summary of page 12. Tihane is inside of a painful memory. There are 9 panels and frame insets. Panel 1: A younger Tihane is racing through streets littered with garbage. A caption states: I barely escaped. Panel 2: wide angle on a figure running towards a large building. A caption, continuing from previous, states: and arrived home to find… Panel 3: This shows the figure of a person in bed in the foreground. At the foot of the bed a door is opening. The figure in the doorway speaks: mother? The figure in the bed whispers: there's a letter for you, tihane. Panel 4. Tihane is sitting beside her ill mother, who struggles to speak. Tihane says: it says I've been accepted into the lowell space academy. Tihane's mother, speaking in an implied whisper, responds: (sigh!) it's just as I hoped. my prayers have been answered. Panel 5. The memory morphs immediately into Tihane's present with a closeup of Tihane's hand and wrist-com as she closes the lid of a suitcase when a commmunication transmission arrives on her wrist-com. The transmission barks: tihane! this is your father. did I miss your graduation ceremony? sorry 'bout that. which flight are you catching to freedom 5? Panel 6. a full-body view of tihane talking into her wrist-com communicator, speaks: I'll be on the 4 pm GMT scramjet flight - Frame inset 7. A close-up of Tihane's profile as she Tihane listens to her father's transmission: I'll meet you in the promenade, tihane --Panel 8. A wider shot of Tihane as she responds: Don't worry 'bout missing graduation - no big deal. out. her father responds: I Look forward to seeing you. Panel 9. Tihane looking unimpressed, picking up a suitcase, mutters to herself. Yeah, Sure you do!

Outworld graphic Novel Book 1 page 14
Summary of page 14. This page continues from previous. Tihane is in the Lowell Academy library. There are 7 panels. Panel 1. Tihane is at derik's desk, leaning over with her hands resting on the l-shaped desk. Derik in the foreground has his back to viewer and is looking at her, having moved aside his monitor. Behind is a view of a busy library with students at various electronic stations and desks and large windows in the background. Tihane speaks: it would not make sense not to come one last time to the place I've spent most of my last 3 years! panel 2. Derik replies: i'm glad you came… I've enjoyed our conversations - you're off to serve on your father's ship, right? Panel 2. closeup of Tihane as she contemplates Derik's words. Tihane speaks: uh, serve, yes. Derik (off-frame) responds: this is not something you look forward to? panel 3. A profile view of Tihane and Derik in conversation. Tihane speaks: he helped me get into lowell, now, I guess it's payback time… no, I'm not looking forward to it. Derik responds: serving on your father's ship should be a source of pride.panel 4. closeup of Tihane profile, looking over at Derik, considering: well, my father has this way of doing things that, ah… (ahem!) Panel 5. Over Tihane's shoulder at Derik who says: yes. I think I remember hearing that captain delaron can be difficult. And Tihane retorts: right. panel 6. Over Derik's shoulder at Tihane who sighs, speaking: 2 years! And Derik reassures: you must practice maintaining the strength you have attained being here… soon, your debt will be paid. Panel 7. wide angle of the two figures in the large library, amidst other figures. Tihane muses: I wish I didn't have to say goodbye to everyone. Derik responds in a similar manner: I've been a librarian here for many years; I've said goodbye to many students… I often wonder how They are doing.