Illustration (sampled by discipline)

Celtic Explorations

Ruth Tait illustration Splash Page inset


I've defined my illustration practice as work that I have produced specificaly at the request of an third party or in the interests of selling to a third party via trade fairs or direct commission. This work represents that of my Talking Pictures business (see also comics). Samples listed are sections from storyboards for short or feature-length films, which I am displaying as whole board pages or as individual panels, set out in proper sequence (the links with asterixes * also contain a link to full-board animatics flash files). Other examples are editorial illustration and/or advertising work..

Notes on Celtic Work

For many years, while living in Britain and working on a boat-building project which took up a good deal of my time (see my bio) I took time out to study the very prominent and expansive collection of Celtic Art that exists in the British Museum. These researches included making drawing studies of the ancient artefacts right through to copying elements from the early Christian illuminated manuscripts and eventually to develop a method whereby I could create my own designs. The breadth of styles and sophistication of this work compelled me beyond anything that I had previously encountered. I have not worked with these forms for many years, but I understand that it was an important period of my development as an artist. The Celtic Mandalas are sold as reproductions.