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Apiary World

This is a film that is incorporated in a research creation project (a digital book in EPUB3 format) entitled 'The Honeyed Tale: An Interrogative Poetic on Bees' available on ibooks. This forms part of my York University Interdisciplinary MA thesis, the themes of which are the ebook, self-publishing and alternative content creation. --Ruth Tait, 2016

Fallback Position

Every medium carries with it is own aura. In the case of a chalkboard and chalk marks this aura must inevitably be that of the classroom -- and the medium's function in imparting learning. Using a chalkboard to animate is bringing the art of animation to its simplest and most basic state. But given the metaphor of a lesson in the process, the piece I hope invokes more than just its form. This film arose out of my experience of working as a personal support worker for a disabled man -- from whom I have learned a great deal -- and also out of my love for animation, which is always a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy it.